When you first log in to a new account, you should be prompted to connect to your current cloud-based accounting software.

If you need to manually re-connect or connect a new organization to a xero account, follow these steps:

  1. Select account icon in the top right of the menu bar. 
  2. Select Change Organization.
  3. Select Create New Organization on the left menu.
  4. Under Link to an Accounting System, select the Xero icon.
  5. Login to your Xero account using your Xero credentials to continue.
  6. Click on Allow access to finalize the connection between Deal Map and your data in Xero.
  7. Select an Organization to link or create a new Organization from your Xero data.

Note: you can change your connected-app settings in Xero at any time by going to https://apps.xero.com/connectedapps. Deal Map requires this connection to work as expected with Xero, so we recommend never disabling this connection.