1. Create a new Deal Template and click Create Free Form Template or login and navigate here: https://app.dealmap.com/deal-templates/new-advanced
  2. Enter a Name and optionally a Description for your Template, e.g.: "Three-tenant rental" and click Submit
  3. To create a new field, click "+ NEW FIELD" for each field needed in your deal
    1. Field Type must be Text, Amount, Date, Contact, Agent Input, or Transaction Category or Deal Status Selector
    2. Variable Name can be any value, starting with a dollar sign "$anything"
    3. Input Name is the label you will see when creating deals using the template, this can be anything
    4. Input Width will determine if the field is full or half width for formatting purposes
    5. The Is Required determines if this field will be required to complete before submitting a deal created from this template.
  4. Deal Preview is what a deal created from this template would look like
  5. Add Transaction allows you to pre-populate transactions into a template so all deals created from template will start with this transaction data, e.g.: Fees, standard services etc.